With many years of experience in the Luxembourg market, our team is committed to integrity, trust and discretion. These values will enable you to develop an effective partnership that will make your choice easier.

Our team places each client at the heart of its concerns and offers them, always, a qualitative and personalized service. Thus, we do everything possible to anticipate your needs and respond to your requests within a short time. This proximity to our clients is the central axis of our organization, to satisfy both sellers and buyers.

Our human-sized team allows us to have an agile approach, which is fundamental to keeping our commitments, which are availability and benevolence.

Daily, EFFEKT brings together owners, investors and buyers in a unique environment that allows each of them to achieve their ambitions.

Every project is different. Choosing a home to live in, an investment opportunity? EFFEKT will help you make your plans a reality.


EFFEKT regularly works on new investment opportunities. Develop quality living spaces while growing the assets of our partners and investors. Take advantage of our services and experience to build and develop your properties and assets.


Our day-to-day business is to market and develop property development operations, residential properties, either individually or in lots, office buildings or commercial spaces. From the evaluation of the land, the structuring, to the marketing of the property or properties, everything is thought out from the start around the quality and profitability of the projects.


Whether you are buying off-plan or an existing property, you will find the property that meets your needs and expectations. Many of our projects offer the possibility of adapting your purchase to your desires. You will then have the support and experience of our teams to make your steps easier


To offer quality properties: from the acquisition of the land, EFFEKT puts its energy into developing projects with a very high level of standards, from development to delivery. We adapt each of our projects to the expectations of future buyers and ensure a complete follow-up so that your purchase is perfectly in line with your expectations.

Our projects are designed and developed in accordance with the highest environmental standards and work in a considered manner to integrate new technologies.

More than just walls, we offer living spaces that are connected to society and where you feel good. We help you to find the property in which you can flourish.


Before thinking about figures and results, EFFEKT develops stories and human relationships. It is by investing in the quality of these relationships that our long-term and recurring partnerships can grow.

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